Knock knock

Knock knock. 

I pause from my teaching to see a student hovering at the door of the classroom. May I come in, Professor? May I enter, Ma’am? Sometimes just strolling in. 

I was explaining a concept. Giving back an assignment. Interacting with students doing an activity. Demonstrating. 
It is five minutes into class. 25 minutes. 85 minutes. 

There are-I know-many professors who shut their classroom doors when class starts, and students have to wait for break. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for this, and I’m 100% in support of professors using whatever method works best for them.

Me? I always let students come late. No questions. 

My philosophy is that life happens. Sick kids. Car troubles. Late getting up. Feeling ill. Struggling. Stressed. 

I prefer students come late to class than not coming at all. I make sure they know that. I will talk to students who make it a habit – mostly to reach out and make sure I’ve connected with them. Often being late is an indicator that there is something else going on in their lives and I want to open that communication channel. Just in case. 

It is five minutes into class. 25 minutes. 85 minutes. 

It doesn’t matter. Come on in. 

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