Module 5: Ongoing Professional Communication

I started off creating a padlet asking my PLN how they approached curriculum design in a communications classroom. I posted this on twitter and my blog for dialogue and feedback. Immediately, I got a response that my privacy settings prevented retweeting (RT). I had changed my privacy settings temporarily because of some spam bots, andContinue reading “Module 5: Ongoing Professional Communication”

Module 4: Foundations and Principles in the Context of Practice

I have a solid Professional Learning Network (PLN) both online – through Twitter where I am connected to educators globally who share my passions, as well as those who have different perspectives but who are interested in a civil exchange of ideas and growth – and in person – at my place of employment andContinue reading “Module 4: Foundations and Principles in the Context of Practice”

Module 3: Curriculum Design – Planning, Instruction & Assessment

For this assessment, we were to work collaboratively on furthering our understanding of curriculum philosophy and concepts to include the planning, instruction and assessment. I had the pleasure of working once again with Corinne Muir. You can view our prezi here:  Note: I have long been inspired by the talks of Sir Ken Robinson inContinue reading “Module 3: Curriculum Design – Planning, Instruction & Assessment”

Curriculum Designs: An anecdotal beginning

It’s valuable I think to consider where my own initial understanding of curriculum design came from. Anecdotal and personal experience are where most educators in the college system start: we are hired for our experiences in the area we are teaching, and though education is a must (most college professors need a minimum of aContinue reading “Curriculum Designs: An anecdotal beginning”

Module 2: Curriculum Philosophies & Design Planning

For this assignment, we were to work collaboratively to create a visual representation of the conceptions of curriculum and the underlying philosophical foundations, and to then extend that representations to include the three curricular designs discussed in this module. After creating a visual to solidify my own understanding, I had the great fortune to workContinue reading “Module 2: Curriculum Philosophies & Design Planning”

A Link – Work In Progress (Module 1)

I’ve been working my way through some readings on curriculum concepts, and attempting to put together some formal thoughts on the subject which I am hoping you can read here if interested. (NOTE: This only seems to work if you login through Office 356) If you cannot access that, the full paper is also uploadedContinue reading “A Link – Work In Progress (Module 1)”

Integrated Planning, Instruction, and Assessment

This summer I am taking a course online. Follow along to see what I’m learning. Starting off with an introductory video (5 minutes) that attempts to frame where I am in relation to the course, and how my experiences may contribute to professional inquiry around planning, instruction, and assessment.  ​ Notes Making this 5 minuteContinue reading “Integrated Planning, Instruction, and Assessment”