Delving into Hybrid Learning

Last Spring, I created an online class to cover a week when I was unable to be in the classroom. It was a great experiment and a learning opportunity for both me and my students. The idea of hybrid learning has been settled in the back of my mind since then, and I fully intended to try it again. It turns out this upcoming winter semester is the term. My conservative plan as far back as August was to convert four 1-hour classes of this coming semester to online to give students a taste of hybrid. It turns out that our college us interested in actively engaging in hybrid, and so I find myself on a tri-campus team of faculty and admin hybrid champions. As a result, I am rethinking my strategy for teaching one of my favourite courses this winter so that up to one-third of it (15 hours) can be delivered through meaningful, engaging, online learning.

My goal is to keep track with this blog. So far, all I have done is struggle with ensuring video from our library can be seen by students via our learning management system (Blackboard). I have had trouble with uploaded video in the last, but it never mattered because I could convert homework to class time. Without that option, I need to make sure it is accessible from both within the college and from students’ home computers or tablets. The biggest advantage for students is the flexibility of hybrid, but if they are struggling with video or links…..that will only cause frustration.

So here goes….I am excited about the challenge.