Build a longer table (of collaboration) 

I’m a believer when it comes to collaboration. It’s one of the reasons I actively seek collaborative experiences such as ExtendmOOC.  A year or so ago, I completed the image below as part of an early round of the Collaborator module. I was thinking of who would be at my table from a work perspective.Continue reading “Build a longer table (of collaboration) “

Curation: Module 3 application #ExtendmOOC

Starting with the Requirements: Defined content curation. Explored Creative Commons Licenses and compared them to Copyright. Used Boolean operators and limiters to refine searches. Explored repositories to curate content that meet specific learning goals. Used the CRAAP test to evaluate OER. Reflected on using OER when designing, developing and revising courses or workshops Evidence asContinue reading “Curation: Module 3 application #ExtendmOOC”