Collaborative Assessment

2015. I started to reimagine what the classroom could look like. With input from students, I created this haiku deck and embedded it into my blog (the embed code doesn’t always work so I’ve included a visual below). Reimagining Classrooms – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires; Clocks, beverages, and snacks aside, I’veContinue reading “Collaborative Assessment”

Teach-Coordinate-Create #Focus2020

My mind is often spinning. In a good way—brimming with ideas and thoughts and plans and initiatives and imagination and possibility. Never is this more true than at the end of a conference when I’ve engaged with and intersected with people equally as passionate about education as I am. The challenge is what to doContinue reading “Teach-Coordinate-Create #Focus2020”

Higher Education Summit 2019

I’m excited for the higher education summit. I’ve been to many conferences but there’s something special about this one. This year marks my third year coming here to Toronto with the St. Lawrence College Board of Governors, and I have to say, I have taken away something of value every single year. In 2017, itContinue reading “Higher Education Summit 2019”