Technologist – Application for Module 2 Ontario ExtendmOOC

The criteria for this are as follows: Reflecting on their digital literacy for teaching. Identifying of a learner challenge. Mind-mapping and selecting an educational technology to help address this challenge. Developing, obtaining feedback and refining a prototype of a technology creation. Connecting the technology to their curriculum. Sharing their technology creation. Reflecting on the designContinue reading “Technologist – Application for Module 2 Ontario ExtendmOOC”

Podcast: A creative exploration of diversity 

I have two classes of 1st semester communications students. Multiple programs, diverse backgrounds. Many international students. It’s not the first time I’ve had this mix and I was keen to find a way to better integrate students so they were less culturally isolated. I also used to teach a cultural communications course and was interestedContinue reading “Podcast: A creative exploration of diversity “

Design Thinking

Below is a design thinking process I went through with students to help solve an issue they are facing. This is part of #extendMOOC Technologist module. We went old school for our solution but are looking to support it with student-created video.  Some hiccups uploading Paper design process to WordPress.  Empathize ◦ International students strugglingContinue reading “Design Thinking”

Digital Literacy across the curriculum

Part of ExtendmOOC… module 2.  Digital literacy. What do we mean by that? In communications class, I tell students it’s about navigating multiple channels. No longer do I “just” teach reading and writing… the way in which we gather and present information is fast-paced and multi-modal. Text. Reports. Yes. Also: Video, podcast, weblinks, online portals,Continue reading “Digital Literacy across the curriculum”

I made this for fun as part of an #ExtendmOOC Stretch…creating my teaching philosophy in a bun (why a bun is a question I still have but I’m learning to live with ignorance😊) …and someone was kind enough to ask me to elaborate. I was happy to because it gave me an opportunity to articulate whatContinue reading

Teacher for Learning – Application for module 1 badge 

Identified a concept that is often misunderstood in my discipline and created an analogy to help make sense of it (Prior knowledge) See previous Blog Post  Created a concept map of a syllabus for a course I teach (Organization) Practiced my note taking skills (Organization) Explanation in discussion board re Paper and Cornel system  Continue reading “Teacher for Learning – Application for module 1 badge “

Misunderstood: Bricks in a Wall

This is part of the #ExtendMooc I’m participating in with e-campus Ontario.  Sometimes I think students believe I make them incorporate evidence and cite it to torture them. Not true. The analogy I use is to explain that building on other people’s experiences/breakthroughs is like building blocks – and that the writer’s job is likeContinue reading “Misunderstood: Bricks in a Wall”