Reading Week

Reading Week has just come to an end, and it’s time to admit that I was overly ambitious in terms of what I imagined I could accomplish.


(One of the things on my list I did do was play with some new apps, out of which came this visual representation…though technically it was done prior to reading week, so perhaps doesn’t count.)

I did get through must of the Assessments I needed to do, making sure students received timely feedback on a variety of written projects. I did get most of my planning done for the weeks ahead….which is good because with two new multi-media approaches to assignments , and with an eye to differentiating the classroom, I would never have time for it otherwise.

The un-PD got done too. This is our department’s professional development ´╗┐concept to have a couple of loosely structured days in June to discuss what’s worked, what hasn’t, new ideas, and pedagogy in general. In the same vein, we also had an engaged lunch meeting with both our College Prep Program representative and our Writing Centre tutor to discuss assessment strategies for writing and to reinforce our Writing Across the Curriculum approach.

Reading week is a good week. It’s good to pause half way through the semester and reflect. Every class of students is different; every class needs a personalized approach. 

Now I am ready for the second half of Semester 2.