Design Thinking

Below is a design thinking process I went through with students to help solve an issue they are facing. This is part of #extendMOOC Technologist module. We went old school for our solution but are looking to support it with student-created video. 

Some hiccups uploading Paper design process to WordPress. 

◦ International students struggling with paraphrasing and citation
• “Can’t do it” – Manpreet
• “Confusing” – Harmandeep
• “When do I use inverted commas?” – Navjot
• “I used a quote so why is it wrong?” – Biprendeep
• “I don’t want to plagiarize” -Varindar
◦ Confer with colleagues
• Same patterns – deeper than misunderstanding.
• Holding students back from successful completion of a program due to communications requirement
• Concern from colleagues about simplifying curriculum meaning a less robust course that does not achieve learning objectives

◦ What if students were provided with a template they could follow?
◦ How might this activity be re-imagined with tech support as a first step in understanding?

◦ Research shows we need to teach paraphrasing , quoting and citation differently to international ESL students
◦ How does this happen in an integrated classroom?
◦ Many international students do not have the tech they require (using phones instead of laptops, etc.)
◦ Maybe we need to go old school but leverage tech as well?

Connect – I flipped connect and prototype. I felt it best to weigh in with students to get their input before moving forward. I pulled together a focus group and asked some questions:
◦ What do you need?
◦ How would you prefer to be helped?
◦ What would make this easier for you?
◦ How can I support you?

From these discussions, I went back to Define (redefine) and Ideate .
◦ Changes- important to note that reading the articles to identify evidence is part of the struggle

◦ Old school – this is what this group of international students prefer
• Examples and practice sheets with sample activities
• Formula… writing a paper with evidence 1) make a point; 2) add evidence (quotes only) starting with ‘According to…’ + Quote + Citation; 3) Find a corroborating Quote + Citation; 4) provide explanation
• Above document co-created by students and faculty
• Set up additional practice session using simplified article excerpts
◦ Tech Support Project
• Could there be a video made in Hindi to support students?
• Volunteer from stronger students to help develop this with professor support
• Storyboarding for video to take place after break with development and video creation to satisfy part of curriculum
* will return to connect with students and repeat process as required as this gets fine tuned.

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