Special Projects

Any organization is only as strong as its team members and a college is no different. I have taken an active role participating in several special projects that have made a difference to students and benefited the college.

2019-20 Active Learning Team

With the implementation of a dedicated Active Learning Space, something I have been vocal about over the years, I was thrilled to be part of the Active Learning Team starting in Fall 2019. This team of professors interested in active learning have formed a small community of practice to continue to support each other and learn from each other as we teach in this innovative new space.

2017-Present: Faculty Coach Support

One of the areas I enjoy most is engaging with faculty to discuss ideas for teaching and assessment. We have two amazing faculty coaches as our Cornwall campus, and they are kind enough to include me in the planning of faculty professional development events such as learning plan workshops, welcome back round tables, faculty check ins, and ongoing faculty engagement.

2017-Present: SLC Board of Governors Internal Faculty Representative

I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in college governance as a Board Member. This three-year term has already allowed me to learn so much more about the college and I am excited to be part of the team as we look ahead at the next five year strategic plan.

2016-2017: Program Mapping

Every five years, the college goes through a quality assurance program, and I was happy to take on a leading role in the program mapping process as required. Working with the School of Contemporary Teaching and Learning, I helped program coordinators and faculty review the courses, learning objectives and assessment strategies of their program to promote logical sequencing of course work for students and to ensure compliance with provincial outcomes.

2013- 2015: Hybrid Learning Initiative (HLI)

St. Lawrence College is taking an active approach to the idea of hybrid course delivery (a combination of face-to-face class time and online), and formed a tri-campus team to focus on course (re)design that will allow some full time academic courses to be converted into a Hybrid format. The faculty involved are in various stages of this conversion, and with the collaboration and input of an interdisciplinary team, hope to field test hybrid components with a view to offering a formal hybrid course by Fall, 2014.

2012-Present: Communication Across the Curriculum

In collaboration with, and with the support of, Advisory Committees, Administration, and Faculty at our campus, our communications team developed and implemented what we call Communication Across the Curriculum. This initiative is aimed at helping students develop the essential reading, writing and professional communication skills they will need to excel in their chosen field. Through the creation of a new course aimed at helping at-risk students and giving them a strong foundation to succeed at college, streamlining of all our communication courses across the programs to ensure important concepts are introduced and reinforced, and working to have those concepts applied in other courses, we are working towards a comprehensive communications strategy.

2011- 2016: Grammar Clinic

Prior to the Communication Across the Curriculum initiative, the Grammar Clinic was established to support students who needed help with writing projects, and specifically with grammar and editing. Once a week for two hours, students were able to drop in for assistance with any written project. The Grammar Clinic is also a place to brush up on skills such as proper referencing and citation, and to discuss ways to improve written work on a small or large scale.

2012-2013: Articulations

Creating pathways between post-secondary institutions in Ontario has been a priority of the current government. In the past year, I have identified, researched, assessed and pursued over 21 new pathway opportunities for students graduating from various tri-campus programs, and followed up on other existing pathways. As a result, there are now clear provincial, national, and international opportunities for any of our graduates wishing to further pursue their education.

2012: Teaching Naked

After reading the book by José Bowen, a small group of faculty undertook the implementation of some of the principles we learned about as part of our ongoing efforts to keep students engaged and motivated in the classroom. We shared our experiences with other faculty and are trying to establish brown-bag lunch discussions for informal opportunities to learn from each other.

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