What I teach

What do I teach?


Strong written and spoken communication skills are the number one trait business owners look for in potential employees. Communication in the 21st century is diverse and multi-faceted, from traditional reading and writing skills that focus on comprehension and clarity of expression, to digital literacies that require an ability to create and respond to information for a variety of audiences.

I have been a professor of Communications at St. Lawrence College, Cornwall since 2010 and I believe in teaching, reinforcing and applying core competencies such as comprehension, reading and analysis, critical thinking, and responsible digital communications in the classroom so that students graduate with the skills they need to successfully navigate the workplace.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think critically has never been more important. Information—and misinformation—is spread rapidly and widely, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction, to analyze information accurately, and to make sound, rational, unbiased decisions. In my classes, I introduce students to characteristics of critical thinking, and help them identify types of biases, fallacies, and barriers that can impede the critical thinking process. Students are further encouraged to apply the concepts of critical thinking to evaluate and create logical, valid arguments, and to examine evidence in support of a position.


I teach ethics in a number of programs, including Police Foundations and Game Programming. My goal is always to provide students with insight into some of the ethical, moral, and legal perspectives relevant to their field of study, and to consider how their own beliefs and convictions can make a difference when faced with challenges that could have serious consequences for individuals or communities. Students are encouraged to apply their learning to real-world scenarios to develop a deeper understanding of ethical issues.

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