Three weeks in January

Things have begun to quiet down now. The hundreds of emails are down to a trickle. Classes—synchronous and asynchronous—have taken on a cadence of their own. Read. Watch. Reflect. Discuss. Create. Repeat.

The cadence of my days has shifted too. With the winter, the dark mornings, I no longer want to get up an go for an early run. I want to huddle in bed until 730. I noticed that I was often responding to emails all morning and then feeling lethargic by mid afternoon, so I decided to play around to find a schedule that works better for me.

Clearly class times are non-negotiable. But I try to do my more creative work…including cello and violin breaks… between 730 and 2pm. I’ve been aiming for an hour’s walk a day. and I now go through email and routine admin tasks later in the day.

I imagine it will shift again in the spring.

It’s strange. I have always had a strong work ethic which has translated into putting in 10 plus hour days. 630 or 7 am until 5 has been normal for many years, and is not been something I consciously think about. Starting work early helps me get things done.

In a job like mine that is truly never ending, boundaries are hard. Even moreso when working from home. Working from home, a workshop I’ve been taking with some wonderful women, the pandemic in general, and a renewed focus on mental and physical health have all contributed to my reflecting on whether or not the way I do things, the norms I am used to, still serve me. And what changes I can make.

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