These COVID Times

With the sudden switch to online, I knew I wanted to simplify, simplify simplify, and stripped down what remained of my three courses to the very essence of what still needed to get done.More about that later,

At the heart of this was connection with students to make sure they are all okay. My very first video to them, almost as soon as this happened was to encourage journal writing and creativity as a way to explore feelings and help manage what is a dreadfully stressful time. As the week progressed, students shared their work with me…some privately, others wanting to share more broadly, and so we collectively decided to create a blog to host some of what they are experiencing to share with, first, our classroom community, but then also with the wider public.

It’s a work in progress. Lightly edited for clarity but attempting to maintain the authentic voices and experiences of the students.

If interested, the link is here.


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