Collaborative Assessment

2015. I started to reimagine what the classroom could look like. With input from students, I created this haiku deck and embedded it into my blog (the embed code doesn’t always work so I’ve included a visual below).

Reimagining Classrooms – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Clocks, beverages, and snacks aside, I’ve been consistently trying to include many of these elements into my classroom since 2015. Choice, creativity, calm atmosphere—these are all important. Our new Active Learning Space at the Cornwall Campus takes care of some of the other aspects.

The work continues to evolve. From co-created projects to co-creative assignment design; from textbooks to open resources; from grades to feedback.

The challenges in an active learning space are crafting activities that help students meet or exceed learning outcome expectations. It’s getting students to see the benefits of collaborative learning and to embrace messy, non-linear curriculum design. Entering student learning means taking a step back and this is not something all faculty are good at; neither to be frank are students. They resist and crave the lecture and teacher-led fact-based lessons they have been used to.

This week I asked students to highlight what they like or dislike about this space we have been in since September. By and large, feedback was positive. I’ll take that as a win.

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