Teach-Coordinate-Create #Focus2020

My mind is often spinning. In a good way—brimming with ideas and thoughts and plans and initiatives and imagination and possibility. Never is this more true than at the end of a conference when I’ve engaged with and intersected with people equally as passionate about education as I am.

The challenge is what to do with all that.

At the time, in the midst of it it all, it’s easy to feel like everything is possible. But in the wake of a conference, ie: on time train on the way home, when the excitement of the past few days mingles with mental and physical fatigue, when you try to remember all the conversations and information and people that inspired deeper reflection, that is a little more daunting.

I need to stem the whirlpool of things swirling in my brain (partial list below):

  • Micro-credentials
  • Campus-Community partnerships
  • Program revitalization
  • Creativity
  • Zed-Cred programming
  • Active Learning
  • Faculty tool kit
  • Leadership Program initiatives
  • Arts & Sciences capstone
  • Coordinating
  • Faculty coaching
  • Innovation
  • Student wellness and mental health
  • Ungrading

But you know what? I’m a teacher. I’m in the classroom. I need to focus in on doing the things I can do best in the role that I have right now.

So I’m paring down that list.

Teach. Creative, active learning classrooms. Innovative assessment practices.

Coordinate. Zen-Cred, student coaching, leadership (program, capstone, community)

Create. Guest editing, poetry, writing, SoTL.

That’s it.


My mantra for 2020.

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