Ready for Fall 2019

The hallways gleam. Classrooms are freshly painted. Updated colour accents in SLC red have been added on the stairwell and outside  (the detail…painting a flower box…I noticed!). Everything is clean and shiny and ready for students. 

Orientation day is next Tuesday, and I’m excited to meet everyone. I’ll be with Pre-Health and General Arts and Sciences for the day, but am definitely popping over to visit with Police Foundations students too. One of the things I love about being in communications is the interdisciplinary nature of it.

New to me this year is the Active Learning Space where I’ll be teaching Ethics for Law Enforcement. I’ve been annoyingly pushing for a collaborative classroom for a number of years now, even managing one year to get a class designated to be set up in groups instead of rows, and I bought in homemade white boards (which to be honest were subpar) but it was a makeshift solution, and nothing compared to this new space. I’m so excited to be teaching in it and have a fabulous group of colleagues piloting the space with me this semester, so we have some great ideas and teamwork going. Stay tuned. 

I’m working on a new welcome video. That’s coming soon. I did not update my blog as much as I intended over the summer. I still have to do that. It’s feeling outmoded and it’s time to hit refresh. I’m going to put that on my Fall to do list… but without pressure. 

Hers to Fall 2019. It’s going to be great. 

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