I made this for fun as part of an #ExtendmOOC Stretch…creating my teaching philosophy in a bun (why a bun is a question I still have but I’m learning to live with ignorance😊)

…and someone was kind enough to ask me to elaborate. I was happy to because it gave me an opportunity to articulate what I do mean. 

  • Open classrooms for me is about doors being open, employing #OER, being available to students (I have off campus and extended office hours, as well as virtual meeting options), Making class handouts and slides available online for students who miss class.
  • Student agency is giving choice for assignments and how students achieve & demonstrate learning objectives. 
  • Self Assessment… I have students assess their own writing and performance and then confer with students if there are big discrepancies
  • Creativity – whatever I can do to be creative in class and for assignments. Creating podcasts, video, art, using twitter for discussion, alternate assessments that include creative license (poetry, screenplays, comic books, movies, paintings…)
  • Student Voice… striving to capture what’s important to them and encourage their authentic voice to emerge. Making their ideas centre stage. Listening to what they have to say and recognizing publicly the value in their ideas.

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