This One Is For The Parents…

You know how fast it happens. One minute they’re playing with Tonka trucks and learning to fly kites, the next they’re off to post-secondary.

A couple of years ago, I wrote this post especially with new students in mind.

My own son starts his own post-secondary adventure next week, and so today, I write this post especially for parents.

Let them go. Give them space. Always be there for emotional support. You can’t fix everything- nor should you try. Professors can only speak to parents with the permission of the student (extenuating circumstances for students under  18). They will always need money. It’s okay if the program they’re in isn’t what you would choose. It’s okay if they change their mind half way through. The first semester is always a challenge-especially around the first long weekend of term (Canadian Thanksgiving) when many students find that they have multiple assignments due and students away from home realize they are homesick.

That’s all I have at the top of my head. I see these students every year. I know them well. And they will be all right.


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