After a July of East coast ocean and kayaks and hikes and seafood and yachts, reading (current book: Robertson Davies – What’s Bred In The Bone), dog walking, swimming and violin practice, it is August.

And in my world, that’s time to start slowly getting my head back into translating those thoughts of work that come and go over vacation to actions. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to teach a revised and revamped version of communication (COMM 110) that includes critical thinking and digital elements, but am still mulling – not what to teach (that’s easy), but what to leave out because I only have 14 weeks and I’d rather dig deep than cover too much superficially.

So there’s that.

And a brief Twitter conversation with one of our Associate Deans over the summer twisted my thinking as well. It started with a historical analysis using gifs that we had both read and ended with me wondering how to add that in as an option to a communications assignment.

More on that later…

Today, I’m starting the process of getting my floating ideas set into a more concrete format so students can follow them and know how I am going to grade them (or how they will grade themselves…in one iteration of my ideas!)

But to frame all of it, all of what I am trying to do, I have one word: Compassion. Remembering that students are human with their own needs and stresses and complexities. Building curriculum around that is maybe one of the most important things we can do as educators.


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