Module 5: don’t let obstacles get in the way

My internet went down this week. You take it for granted that it will be there when you need it. And when it isn’t….well! 

I had offline work I could do however; primarily working out what kinds of sharing I can effectively do with my newly-gained understanding of curriculum philosophies and concepts, and their influence in the planning, instruction and assessment of college courses. 

Initially, this seemed -and seems – a stretch. One course hardly makes me an expert, so who am I to share any information with colleagues? Who am I to approach our administration with an offer of conducting some sort of professional development session at our start up in August. That was obstacle 2. 

I realized however that I was approaching it all wrong. I switched back to my collaborative mindset… we gave a culture of sharing at our campus, and I’ve led or participated in a number of “Brown Bag Lunches”. It’s about – I reminded myself – working together to discuss, unpack, consider….not to be the expert (which clearly I am not) but to bring the concepts to the table. 

And with that was able to draft some ideas and cobble together done rough outlines for what ideally I’d like to accomplish.

Third obstacle. Hey, it’s summer. I love summer. I took my first course deliberately this summer so I had time. I also have time for reading, relaxing, writing, spending time with family and friends. Because I am off. But so is everyone else. Although my Twitter PLN doesn’t sleep or take summers off (see image below), and I received feedback and comments from there, I haven’t had great results hearing back from some of the people I contacted. It’s a temporary roadblock. 

And so I wait. And plan. And consider.

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