Module 5: Ongoing Professional Communication

I started off creating a padlet asking my PLN how they approached curriculum design in a communications classroom. I posted this on twitter and my blog for dialogue and feedback. Immediately, I got a response that my privacy settings prevented retweeting (RT). I had changed my privacy settings temporarily because of some spam bots, and did not realize it affected RT options. Easy fix.

Around the same time, I approached the College Association for Language and Literacy (CALL) as per my Module 4 post to see what the guidelines are for submitting to their journal. They are looking for research based, experiential, philosophical or descriptive articles relating to higher education language and literacy instruction. Submissions need to be between 2500 and 8000 words, and there is no current call but that gives me time to consider my approach.

CALL also has a newsletter and I have reached out to the editor to find more information regarding that.

As I wait to hear from CALL, I extended my discussion to two places: 1) our internal St. Lawrence College Centre for Teaching and Learning and 2) Fleming College’s Learning Design and Support team. For the first, I wanted to know if there was a way for me to deliver some professional development in our start up sessions in August (there is!), and for the second, I had been contacted by them before via Twitter about contributing to their fantastic #openfacultypatchbook project, and thought perhaps there was an opportunity to explore (there is…maybe!). More on both these to come.


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