St. Lawrence River: An Anthology

Turns out, we have some talent in the Communications class. 

When I suggested we write and publish a book for our Enjoying the Short Story culminating project, I had no idea how enthusiastically the idea would be received. 

Maybe they thought I knew more about publishing than I do (hey, I’m a book editor, not a publisher), but everyone was on board and ready to go.

Honestly, they did it all. I provided the framework, suggested the river as a thematic way to pull it together, and set deadlines. The rest was up to the students. They wrote and submitted. I worked with the editors to finesse and fine tune. We received submissions from the greater Cornwall community. The students took photographs. We formatted and proofread in class. One student researched publishing options.two others did some marketing.

It was an ambitious few weeks. And a crazy few weeks.

But I have never before had students so eager to do the work that they emailed me at all hours, offered to do extra, and were disappointed when the project ended. So as a professor, I call that a win.

And when the “project manager” and I uploaded it into Amazon, and I said Hit Publish and he looked at me and said, Is this it? ….That was a good moment. 

Here’s the link for the Kindle version.

We couldn’t make it free. Hadn’t expected that. There are some things I would do differently for sure.

But I know I couldn’t have done it without the dedication and effort of the students. They all partipated, and there were tasks for everyone. My editors, art director, and project manager deserve a big hand though. They really pulled this together. I also want to thank our local contributors who wrote for us and trusted us with their work. Thank you all so much.

There is much to be said for Real World Learning. 

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