For some years now, one of the book clubs I belong to has kicked off our meeting with a round table where we each contribute one word that sums up how we feel that day, hour, moment. It’s an act of clarity to focus in on one single word, clarity that pushes you to prioritize and seek out the one overarching emotion. 

One of the first exercises I do in communications class each semester is a 6 Word Challenge with new students. Same idea….it forces a clarity of thought, and reinforces both strong word choices and the power of simplicity.

And so I’m fascinated by the #oneword movement I’ve seen on Social media as 2015 ends and 2016 begins. Educators specially seem keen to embrace the challenge of finding that single word that will allow them to focus their energies in the year ahead.

It took me some time. There are many great words I wanted to choose: creativity, connect, question, dream topping the list. But I settled on this one.  

Believe – that change is possible and positive

Believe – that people want to be empassioned and engaged

Believe – that the way forward is hopeful

Believe – that we each have the power to make a difference to the world


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