Flipping the Class: when the teacher becomes the learner

I challenged my communications students to make their thinking visible by using video, podcasting, photography, blogging, epubbing, or other digital media to turn something they have learned this year into something that could become part of a digital portfolio, potentially shared with others in their chosen field or area of speciality.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I have been happily meeting with students this week who are excited about trying something new. The enthusiasm is contagious, and I thought this evening I would make visible my own learning this semester.

Teaching is a passion for me, and I am always amazed that the more I teach, the more I learn. Students are a constant source of inspiration, and it is partly through their eyes, their experiences, the lens through which they view our classes, that I become a better professor.

And so I made this short video tonight, to demonstrate what I have learned this semester. It’s an example, yes, but is also an authentic model of my own learning as I engage with this great group of students in my communications class.

Flipping the learning – click the hyperlink to access the video on you tube. 


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