What if..?

I have been on Spring Break, traditionally a week to finish up all of the current marking, and, in consideration of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each class, plan the next eight weeks of the semester. I’ve done all that, and in addition, have spent more than a bit of time staring at a flip chart of ideas headed by the question What If…?

  • What if…students had to achieve a high grade in each learning area before moving on to the next?
  • What if…assignments were designed for student choice and relevance to real-world application?
  • What if…classroom learning catered to individual student needs and strengths?
  • What if…class time was structured differently with pockets of collaboration, independent work, and ongoing formative assessment instead of a specific learning objective?
  • What if…communications and writing was taught from a position of student interest?
  • What if…digital literacy could be embedded in everything we do rather than added on to projects?
  • What if….students had more autonomy over their learning?

What if….? What if….? What if…?

I tried not to put any limitations on the types of questions I asked myself. I wanted to add in things such as, “in accordance with learning objectives”, which I still think is valid, but I didn’t want to restrict the questions in any way.

Not everyone is ready to address all of these questions. I’m not even certain I am ready for all of them. However, I think they are important enough to ask. The conversation should be started.



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